Workcation – Old Concept with new branding?

Workcation is the unique blend of mixing work and vacation. Due to this pandemic, this concept has become a huge hit.

As the world continues adhering to the social distancing guidelines, employees are forced to work at home. In the beginning, everyone feared that the productivity of the employees will decrease, but as time went by, the benefits of it are now being seen. While many want to get out of the house, not a lot of people want to return to the office. While many want to travel, it was difficult to fit work and travel together. But with the new rising trend of Workation, this is possible.

Choosing the perfect place for a workcation is a little different than choosing one for an actual vacation. Ideally, you want to go somewhere where you won’t be upset that you don’t have your days to explore. In other words, avoid places where there’s a ton you want to do or where the main attractions happen during the day.

What is a Workcation?

Workcation is when a person heads somewhere for a week to a few days and is able to enjoy time with their friends and family away from their regular workplace. There are tons of places all around the world where you can go work from.

Choosing the right place for a Workcation

In order to pick the best place for a Workcation, you need to first think of what is most important to you. Sometimes it is the weather, sometimes it is the facilities, but the most important part is the atmosphere.


An important part is where you will be working. This might be a place with a great coworking space, an open cafe, or a more chill lounge. Many locations are able to accommodate all your needs for your work.

Why choose a workcation over a traditional vacation?

If you’ve heard about a workcation, you must have heard that there are benefits. The number of things you can do can be unlimited. Since it’s a temporary break from work, your mind is more than willing to do something that gets you excited. As a productive environment, people are always able to dedicate time to personal growth or learning. You are also more inclined to complete work, as it’s not working you have to do at home.

Here are some reasons why you should make your work vacation a real workcation:

You will have the perfect opportunity to catch up on the following activities:
Skills like Web designing, Photoshop, and other Graphic design or Web Design related ones will improve.
Personal development like personal growth and career development will improve.

How can I find the perfect place for a workcation?

When you’re choosing a place for a workcation, one of the things you should consider is your schedule. Workcation destinations are predominantly comprised of upcoming destinations that are not “recommended” travel destinations. Hence, you want to avoid them, which is why they are in my opinion the best option. They’re under the radar and an adventure.

The ideal workcation destination has:

Good for travellers who want to take long-weekend trips
It’s not touristy, thus an easier transition to the real world
Well maintained, thus you won’t have to worry about this.
Something that you can do (relatively) uninterrupted.


How do I pack for a workcation?

Let’s talk about a couple of issues you should be aware of. In particular, your clothing needs to be versatile. Even if you work from home, you can still go out and make an effort to dress professionally.

Your travel gear should be lightweight. You do not want to pack too many gadgets and batteries, and the same goes for clothes. A lot of those gadgets can keep you hooked to the internet, so you don’t want to be worrying about that.

Another thing is that you don’t want to overpack. Too many things are too many things and can easily annoy you. Do not forget the classic blazer and the khaki pants.

Lastly, have you made your “must-see” list? If you have, it’s a good idea to make sure you hit everything. Again, there’s nothing worse than missing out on the chance to visit something major.

How do I stay productive while on a workcation?

There’s a couple of ways you can go about it. The first one is to only work on work-related stuff. This might sound a bit redundant, but if you’re anything like us, then you won’t spend much time writing blog posts or working on projects. Your main focus is to log in the work you need to log in and make sure everything is being managed. By only working on work-related tasks, you’ll ensure that your productivity stays at its highest level.


You could also try and figure out a daily routine that will keep you organized. You can follow this to make sure that you’re in sync with your daily tasks.

  1. Create a to-do list.
  2. Stick to it and do not make last moment changes
  3. Plan your work and travel schedule and share it with your coordinator


Working at a crossroads like this one is a unique situation. While it is still not the norm, if you learn how to strategize your way through it, it will increase your chances of gaining a competitive edge.

Keep in mind that you are different from most employees. Many of your competitors are doing exactly what you’re doing. Your competition is travelling and enjoying their lives. Most importantly, they are in control of their time.

However, there is something that separates you from them. It’s your ability to anticipate what others may not anticipate. The better you are at this, the better you are going to be positioned for the next step. Gear up for the uphill battle, it will be long and bumpy but you will be on your way to becoming a forward thinker.


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