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Proven Steps To Negotiate Your Salary



Negotiate Your Salary

The economy may be uncertain, but employers are willing to pay the right price for the right candidate. If you want to be compensated fairly, prepare ahead of time by researching what you’re worth in your field and conducting some test negotiations.

Steps to get the salary you deserve through negotiating

You should know that there are certain steps you should take to negotiate your salary. Some people think all that matters is how much money they have in their bank account, but this is only one side of the equation. The other side is where does your salary rank among others? Remember, what you are negotiating is a percentage of your annual base salary. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to your salary negotiations, but the extremes are extremes one less than four times base pay, and four

You want to focus on the base salary rather than non-monetary benefits. You need to know what industry standard salaries are for your qualifications. Focus on the base salary, research industry standards, and don’t forget to include relevant job experience.

  • Prepare for your offer
  • How can I negotiate my salary? When you feel dissatisfied with your current stipulated remuneration, the best strategy is to research what competing offers you can get from other companies. Researching your suitors will help decide a plan of action agreeable to both the company and yourself.

  • Think big
  • In order to get your desired salary, you need to prioritize your needs and dreams. Create a list of what you ultimately want from compromising. Remember, not everything on your list will be possible, but viewing your dreams against the components of a solid arrangement with good benefits is key to reaching the right decision. On second thought, make it a list of at least four.

  • Don’t feel trapped
  • By following the steps in How to Negotiate your Salary, you can get the salary you deserve. Assume you can negotiate anywhere and find out the salary before you take anything. Sometimes an employer will “raise your offer.” Don’t feel trapped. Work where you feel valued and respected.

  • Be flexible
  • One way to find a good balance is to establish a suitable deadline and a desired salary. Once you’ve made a proposal with a deadline, let the hiring manager know that it is your final offer, but that you’re willing to discuss the terms if the company meets your desired salary.

  • Know what you’re worth
  • Salary negotiations are a huge topic of conversation for many job seekers, but there’s a wide spread myth that because you are able to earn more at other jobs, negotiations are not necessary. However, even if your job title has increased, doesn’t mean you should be paid the same or more. There are many good reasons for negotiations including experience, skillset, benefits package, company culture, and company performance.

    Explore what the going rate for your title and industry is to get an idea on how much to ask for. Prove that you’ll be worth the cost, don’t worry if appearances aren’t on your side.

  • Prepare for the negotiation
  • When picking the right time to discuss salary, it’s important to consider when you are in a position of leverage. Online resources such as PayScale and allow people to research and find the appropriate time for a job search and make negotiating paycheck expectations easier.

    If you want the salary deal of your dreams, you need to make sure you’re well-prepared to negotiate it.

  • Learn how to present yourself to the hiring manager.
  • One of the most important parts of putting together a resume is negotiating your salary up front. Negotiating can either be uncomfortable or rewarding, but it’s important you know the strategies in the event that you’re turned down during the interview, which can happen often. These strategies have been proven to get candidates a salary they deserve.

Negotiation tips and tricks
There are many strategies one can take in order to successfully negotiate a salary. The U.S. Department of Labor offers these tips on its website:

Find out what other employees in the same position are getting paid before asking for more vacation days, a promotion or relocation. Be prepared to make a solid case for why you deserve it.

The Expert Negotiation Company teaches you the proven steps to get the salary you deserve, so that you can get the job offer you want. They use psychological tactics to get people to negotiate hard and then complement them by encouraging them for their negotiating skills.

Don’t let fear of conflict or negotiation intimidate you. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.


Get the numbers. Know your worth. Ask up front how much you’d be content with, and tell them why this amount is reasonable. Prepare your arguments for negotiating your salary to a higher figure.

Want to get the best job possible? You should probably ask for a raise.

Remember: Negotiating is not always easy, but you will have a better chance in the long run by being prepared.

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