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Tips To Create An Impressive Resume




Resume is something that you need to make for yourself and put across yourself to the recruiter. It gives the first impression and that first impression should be good! Find out tips on how to create an impressive resume and what should go into one.

What Formatting Should Be Used?

When formatting your resume, make sure you use bullet points and avoid cluttering the page with too much text. It is also very important to use chronological order when listing your work experience. You can also include your accomplishments and awards under a section called “Skills & Accomplishments”.


How to Write the Resume

There are many ways to format a resume, but there is one general rule that should be followed. The rule is to always start with the most relevant information. For example, if you’re applying for a job as a math teacher, the mathematically-minded person would want to see your degrees and qualifications first. This will also make it easier to skim and find the necessary information needed.

Organization of the Resume

Organize your resume into a clear section that starts with a summary of your qualifications. This should include a list of your most relevant skills and a brief summary of your experience. The next section will be a detailed account of any positions you have held in the past, each with its own bullet point for specific responsibilities. Finally, include some personal information such as hobbies and education.


Guidelines for Dates and References

Be explicit about what your dates and references will be. When you include specific dates, it’s easier for people to identify if they apply. It also provides a clear timeline of your success and accomplishments. If you don’t mention dates and references, employers may conclude that you’re not organized or detail-oriented enough.



If you follow these tips to write a resume then it would drastically change the chances of you getting the job.

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