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Virtual Fitness – The New Way To Exercise



Virtual Fitness

In recent years, as the pandemic has raged, many gyms have switched to online programs which include live workout classes. One of these is Virtual Fitness – a program now found at dozens of gyms across the country, including those from YMCA.

Planet Fitness members can remote into a virtual fitness class if they are feeling stuck inside on a rainy day. These 20-minute classes help to keep your workout routine from becoming boring or repetitive without going to a full blown studio session. All of the popular chain, Pure Barre, and Barry’s Bootcamp have these types of fitness classes.

You can always start with just a few minutes of exercise. With its new 9 Rounds Live exercises and home workout, virtual fitness startup DailyBurn has made exercise more accessible than ever before.

14Y Fitness Instructors and Trainers host live streams on Zoom to create videos that are broadcasted on the YouTube channel 14Y. If you are a 14Y member, log in here and the instructions for each class will be emailed to you in the 14y Fitness newsletter every week.


New fitness company Peloton is bringing live spinning classes to your home. Live streaming of courses start at $69 AUD a month, and members have access to pre-recorded VOD work out courses for $149 AUD a month.

Virtual fitness is a great way to start moving and is nicely complemented by running your online fitness business. Virtual fitness with virtual courses formats enables you to manage things at your own pace, as well as training people on one-on-one basis, like personal trainers where they attend course formats like group dance classes.

Participation in virtual fitness courses at Rutgers Recreation is a great way to start moving without limitation. If you choose to participate in group fitness classes, please note that they are often times offered for a voluntary participation and post a risk that you identify with the activities being conducted. It is your responsibility to let everyone know if you have limitations for what level of most activities you can realistically participate in, so no one thinks they are doing anything wrong.

You can exercise virtually with trainers and classes such as those found on tone fit who provide new and challenging routines aimed at raising your fitness level.

With more and more people wanting to find the best way to maintain fitness, many are turning to online workouts or courses. With opportunities that include interactive classes in the virtual world, these events will only grow in popularity as time goes on.


If you are looking for fitness that feels like an interactive community, Popsugar Fitness has workouts, membership chat forums, and new workouts every day with personalized coaching. Free workouts can be just as effective as $800 annual gym memberships.

If sorting your personal exercise-equipment has always been difficult or if you are not motivated by working out on your own, Virtual Gyms might help you. With this system, you can join fitness classes offered by professionals who are training other people abroad.

If your members want to, you can offer virtual fitness classes through webinars or video tutorials. With a subscription service like MindBody, they can access all of the on-demand fitness content in your library.

Virtual Fitness is a new company that offers several different virtual fitness opportunities. With this software, you can host free courses, chargeable courses, and donation-based workshops. You also have the ability to sell your on-demand videos through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Live streaming to sponsor off-site coursework.

Self-workout videos not only offer the comfort of a one to one relationship but they also provide connectivity with other class participants. In conjunction with social media, people can see how a traditional gym and group activity interactions unfold. The benefits of taking up fitness classes are numerous for this reason.


Virtual fitness courses are particularly appealing for those looking for structure and variety. Classes can be as long as you want without having structures to adhere to, so people may be more inclined to try out a new activity. For those with schedules limited by home time, they can try handstands or shopping around different teaching styles and workout regimes.

You can find personal trainers to fit your fitness goals among the thousands of training programs on boutique marketplaces. The future of fitness also includes interactive classes and workouts from home that focus on your needs.

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