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Touchless Spa – A New Way Forward!



Do you miss taking a relaxing spa massage post the pandemic? Well, the Spa’s have opened but are you scared to let a stranger touch your body? Well, the touchless spa could be a thing for you.

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Touchless Spa – New or Old?

Services such as no-touch facials relax pods, dry hydrotherapy, massages, etc. help you get a pseudo feel of a spa but they are not that satisfying. 

Massages are not something that can become completely touchless. There will be some tools that touch your body. So then what is a touchless Spa?

To begin with there are oils and creams that go under the skin and begin working but the application has to be by hand or self. The more modern approach is the Dry Hydromassage. In this, you can have uniform pressure for a certain duration and on a certain troubled area. Even the speed can be set according to the user’s preference.

Another way of touchless Spa is Reiki. It is a Japanese massage technique. Here the healing of the body is transferred via meditation and spiritual techniques. Reiki Master converts his energy into healing for the person who is taking the treatment. In its purest form, Reiki is not a massage. It is a healing technique for the soul which transmits its healing to the body.



Now here the Spa Session is beneficial for the master as he can attend multiple disciples at the same time. These spas can operate well within the guidelines set by the government.

In a way, this kind of massage is way different from the traditional ways of massage. Massages work on the outer healing and overall the pain that you feel rather than the feeling of pain which is the case in much chronic pain. The touchless massage focuses on mental issues, Sleep health muscle recovery, anxiety, skincare and spirituality.

There is also another form of treatment wherein Spa is just a place that provides & guides. Users have to do it on their own. To give an example there are stean and mudbath rooms. This touchless spa is a change that we have to accept & move forward with. Most businesses have faced a financial crunch during the Pandemic. Supporting local businesses is something we have adopted and these new things take slightly longer to be normalised. The rise of touchless Spa is quite evident. But the future?

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