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Good Investment Options for US Millenials




Millennials are getting older which means it is time to spend less and start investing. There are many ways Millenials can invest, like in the stock market, business, real estate, or even their own startup company.

Millennial investment options are many, so it might be overwhelming finding the best investment for you. High rates of return are tempting but consider how well you take risks in this strategy when building your portfolio.

Some of the best investment options for Millenials are:

  1. Long Term Options (Beyond 10 Years)
  2. Millennials would do well to invest in some of these options. These are investment options in which you have to leave your investments alone for a decade.

    a. Individual Stocks
    If you want to invest for a longer duration and have time, then the best investment options are stocks. You need to study a company’s valuation and its strategy before you take a call.


    b. Growth Mutual Funds
    For US Millennials, it is best to invest in mutual funds indexed for growing companies. These will yield around 10% annual return with good management.

    c. Exchange-Traded Funds
    ETFs are not mutual funds, but they are available for high levels of capital input into the trade that still maintain low rates. You can invest in them with less worry of using up too much cash.

    d. Target-Date Funds
    Investing in a Target Date Fund such as 2050 will automatically adjust your investment strategy depending on your age and when you want to retire.
    Some would have you believe that these investments carry higher fees.

  3. Short Term Options (5 years or less)
  4. These are financial options to help millennials invest for 5 years or less.

    a. Treasuries
    US Treasury Bonds are on the best investment options for US millennials, as US Government always pays its due on time. The US Treasury Bond is a great form of self-insurance as everything from the Bitcoin to the stock market oscillate.

    b. Other Bonds
    Treasure Bonds aren’t the only bonds available. There are other types of bonds that will offer a higher interest rate and you should choose one that matches your risk tolerance level. The more you’re willing to take on, the more you’ll make; but be aware, the risk jumps as well.


    c. Broad Market Index Funds
    A broad market index fund is a type of mutual fund that contains investments that track a large index. In this, you can purchase a large number of stocks of various companies in one sale.

    d. Peer-to-Peer Lending
    One of the best investment options for US millennials is peer-to-peer lending. This type of investing can give you great returns in interest–even competing with traditional banks.

There are many opportunities for investments that are rewarding for millennials. This means you have to weigh your options properly when investing, in order to get the best result.

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