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MK Ki Dulhaniya Season 3



When it comes to weddings, the spotlight is undeniably on the bride. Every bride deserves to look and feel like a queen on her special day. MK JEWELS is back with a new bridal jewellery collection for MK Ki Dulhaniya Season 3. This collection promises to make every bride’s selection process easier, offering a plethora of options to cater to different wedding functions. Here’s a look at a collection that offers both timeless and trending jewellery pieces.

3 Different Looks for a Cocktail or Reception

  1.Diamonds are Timeless

Diamonds have always been a symbol of everlasting love and elegance. This all-diamond look from MK JEWELS is an epitome of grace and luxury. It features a captivating layered diamond set, a stunning diamond cuff bracelet, and a radiant diamond ring. This ensemble is perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement at the cocktail party during her wedding. The shimmering diamonds are sure to catch everyone’s eye and add a touch of glamour.

  2.Emeralds are All the Rage Right Now


For brides who want to embrace the latest trends, MK JEWELS offers the perfect combination of trending green stones and diamond jewellery. This look combines emerald green sets with gold sarees, creating a unique and eye-catching ensemble. From emerald sets to hand harnesses and statement ring, brides can experiment with their style with both sophistication and fashion-forwardness.

  3.Colored Stones & Diamonds: A Match Made in Heaven

Minimalist weddings are a growing trend, and MK JEWELS has the perfect jewellery for brides who wish to embrace it. Their delicately handcrafted diamond jewellery with floral motifs pairs beautifully with soft pastel cocktail gowns. This combination allows brides to ace the minimal wedding trend, radiating grace and charm without overwhelming the look.

Jewellery for Pheras or the Wedding Day

  4.When Tradition is Your Style


For brides who hold tradition close to their hearts, MK JEWELS presents the Naqsh 22kt antique gold bridal collection. This collection is a tribute to age-old traditions, featuring uncut bling and polki sets adorned with tanzanite-coloured stones. The inclusion of gajra bangles, and statement rings complete the look, making it perfect for the wedding pheras. Tradition meets opulence in this collection.

  5.Heirloom Jewels

Nothing says heirloom quite like handcrafted antique gold jewellery. At MK JEWELS, brides can shop for pieces that are worthy of becoming family treasures. This collection includes 22kt gold sets, maangtikas, Kundan rings, and bangles A neatly tied-up bun, a choker, and a long set of traditional Kundan necklaces add regal allure. These pieces are designed to make the bride feel like a timeless beauty on her big day.

  6.Coral-Coloured Elegance

Brides can find 22kt gold sets adorned with coral-coloured stones, Meenakari work, Kundan rings, colourful stone bangles, enamel and pearls detailing. This look is perfect for brides who wish to add a pop of colour to their bridal wear. Pair it with a red lehenga, and you have a stunning combination that exudes vibrancy and grace.


MK JEWELS’ new bridal collection for MK Ki Dulhaniya Season 3 is nothing short of a treasure trove for brides. Whether you’re a bride who values tradition, a trendsetter, or someone who wants to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and luxury, this collection has something special for you. From timeless diamonds to contemporary emeralds, and from heirloom-worthy pieces to vibrant coral-coloured jewels, MK JEWELS has covered every facet of bridal beauty.

We invite all brides-to-be to explore these exquisite pieces, as they will undoubtedly make your journey to becoming a dulhaniya a memorable and sparkling one. Choose MK JEWELS for your special day and let your inner radiance shine through on your wedding day.

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