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Things You Must Do To Die Happy



die happy

Death is a concept that is mysterious. It surely is sad but there is a mystery what happens to consciousness after death? This limited nature of consciousness makes you see and do things that don’t always make sense. Here are some ways you can die happy!

What is death?

Death is often called the end. This term simply means the complete withdrawal of one’s body from one’s environment. For example, a loved one who was poisoned with a deadly substance might be able to go on living for a while by being fed intravenously. However, at the moment he or she dies, it will be time for the body to die.

Every cell in the human body has a time limit. When this limit is reached, the cell is no longer active and there is no way for it to live another day. If the substance destroys all of these cells, it is done.

It is funny to learn that while in our brains, only around half of the electrical activity still goes on. A dead brain, for example, is completely lifeless. You are really free to do whatever you want because it is like any other dead thing.


How to die happy?


Sleep is the greatest weapon in your arsenal. The emotional part of you needs to let your body sleep at least seven to eight hours a day.


Keep in mind that some people like exercise because it makes them feel good and content. But let’s admit it that it has a positive effect on your state of mind and body too. People who love exercise tend to live longer, happier lives. And do you know why?


Any physiological organ has a specific life span. Take for instance your kidney. It should be replaced after 70 years. But if you do sex regularly, then chances are high that your kidneys can last you longer and healthily. Sex is a form of exercise which people are eager and biologically trained to do.

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The average human brain can only process 20,000 calories a day. Junk food takes a toll on the body making it work overtime. the real key to dying happy is to eat less junk food or avoid it as much as possible. There is also another take to this wherein one can have it because it does give them dopamine kick but also workout equally hard to keep the body healthy.


die happy

Must do to die happy

This is the most important step for you to take in order to die happy. Make sure to live a life that you would want to live when you are alive. This is the most important do. This is a must-do. But I repeat, this is the most important thing you must do in your life. Hope you will start making sense of your life!

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